The analogy of events of art and science are discussed from the point of view of self-organization. The examples of painting and photography art, nanotechnology, history of mankind and coherent structures' origination in fluids are used to show that the perception both in science and art is probably based on the aspiration to educe the organized structures from the chaotic behavior of the environment.


The idea about unity of all processes in a nature is not new, and only the inability of the person to operate by complete system of the laws, determining processes in the world environmental us, forces the people to dismember all occurring on a separate science and areas of activity. At the same time the aspiration grows to comprehend the most general laws. In scientific activity one of stages of realization of this aspiration was onset of a science, named "Synergetics", about development of the order from chaos. In arts, having business with sense perception, from the prehistoric times each individual tried to realize a process of order origination from chaotic conditions, or on a background of the chaotic phenomena. It is possible to speak, that the efforts of the artists, musicians and other creative persons on an establishment of displays of harmony around us is other side of the same process of study of the order onset phenomenon, of which the scientists are involved.

The displays of harmony in a nature in different historic times and in various areas of human activity were titled differently. The authors of present paper think that at the given stage of science development the carrier of concept of the order is a concept of structures. It is obvious, that this concept is fundamental in a nature. And more, the concept of structure can be used for the processes' description of the whole human society. At the same time, it is hard to give the definition of structure, and in basic it is intuitive or associative. Most full the importance of structures, apparently, is realized in fluid mechanics, where the ordered formations, found out in various turbulent flows have received the name "coherent structures".

In this paper the attempt is done, according to tasks of a conference, to present a some general sight on a problem of occurrence of organized structures, using the associative approach, on which the creation and recognition in art is based. For an illustration of a generality of the phenomena examples from art, history, results of experimental researches in area of nanostructures and on onset and development of coherent structures in some turbulent free shear flows are presented.

to be continued