Many of you probably saw cyclists loaded with bags on the roads across the country travelling from East to West and back. In this article we would like to pay our respect to these brave people. It is interesting that many Europeans choose to cycle across Siberia and the reason is not to save money. Something else urges them to undertake this trip. We met such people in Holy Nose peninsula as well as on the highway between Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude and other exotic places.

Motorcycling as a tourist activity is definitely growing in Baikal region. In the end of July Utulik hosts an annual motor festival Baikalsky Bereg. In 2015 it will take place on the 24-26th of July. You can meet some incredible people here, for example two Belgian guys who are travelling back from Mongolia or a small Japanese biker crossing the continent on his Honda Baja (1997th year of production) all the way from Japan and to Portugal, or a French dentist who traveled to Siberia from Paris on his Honda cube 125, and finally our friend Michael - a fantastic bike traveler who drove around 75 countries on his Honda Africa twin trying to find a better place to live rather than his native Alps but has not found it yet and who works as a smith in between his traveling at home in Austria.

We also participated in this festival in 2013 with our Suzuki Djebel bike which just came back from a trip around Baikal a few days earlier. This trip was an unforgettable experience and you can read more about it in ARTICLES ABOUT SIBERIA section of our website or on the website of Motorexpert magazine where it was published in April 2015. Anyway we are always happy to welcome travelers on bicycles and motorbikes because we share the same spirit. You can always rely on our help and support in Baikalsk region!